India’s emergence as one of the world’s major economies is being reflected by its increasing contribution to the world’s high-quality scientific research and research publications. The contributors of this development have been played by many research institutes around the country. One such research- intensive centre is Pushpagiri Research Centre.

The research team at PRC is keen in investigating, evaluating and unfolding the mystery lying around the field of biology by isolating bioactive compounds from nature to development of new diagnostic kit by breaking the conventional thinking to make translational research i.e. from lab to bedside, a reality.

The youthful and energetic atmosphere of the centre is our success which develops an ideal and fertile research ecosystem for faculty, staff, students and trainees. We conduct various training programmes (cell culture, animal handling etc.), workshops (molecular biology, cell culture, animal handling etc.) and conferences (Bioradiance) which provides platform to various budding scientists and innovators to showcase their research, technical, analytical and presentation skills. These events encompass various disciplines like disease biology, tissue engineering, immunology and others, which also provides open possibilities for the interactive sessions, collaborative ventures with the field experts and the centre itself.

Our mission is to understand, evaluate, screen and  development of drugs, kits for the betterment of human race using in vitro (cell culture) and in vivo (animal models) methods to develop a unique training of individuals in basic & translational sciences and promote collaborations between medical, veterinary & agricultural professionals with basic biology scientists.\

Over the past few years, the ability of PRC in making a major contribution in the field of biology has been greatly supported by various funding agencies like DST, DBT, ICMR, BRNS and International agencies like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Visit our website and also our centre to enrich the PRC’s intellectual resources, rich experiences and also the wealth of opportunities.